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Fabulous flips

Fabulous flips

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Fabulous flips is a 125g sea salt hair  spray, that pays homage to the beach. Not only will it make sure your hair stays nourished and hydrated, but you'll also get fabulous flips out of using it. No matter whether your hair is flat, wavy, kinky, or coiled,  our sea salt spray has got you covered. 


  • Ingredients:  

Sea salt - H2O - aloe vera juice - jojoba oil - argan oil - lavender essential oil 


  • Usage: 

 *taking some moisture out of the hair will ensure even more volume*

If you have flat hair, simply flip your towel-dried hair upside down  before spraying  throughout. You can even sleep in one or multiple braids to really accentuate the wave:  

For hair with already a bit of bend, you can spray the mixture all over wet or dry strands, scrunch, and let air-dry. If you find your waves fall flat throughout the day, feel free to spritz any time you want to revive the wavy texture.

For curls and coils, lack of volume might not be your main gripe. But this sea salt spray does so much more: "The aloe vera and carrier oil to the salt water add moisture, shine, and light hold." Just spritz onto sopping wet hair post-wash, and you'll boast defined, hydrated curls, minus any crunch. 


  • Benefits: 
  1. provides texture and light hold while conditioning your strands with moisture—
  2. Styles and volumizing the hair 
  3. Suitable for all hair types